Discover the secret to the ultimate green energy…

Energy corporations in crisis … rollercoaster stock markets … disruptive technology changes the world…

TheUltimateGreenEnergy_prodcat_400px_96dpiWhen the ultimate green energy was made available worldwide, it seemed too good to be true. Two young sisters set out to investigate the truth… and wish they hadn’t!

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Today and tomorrow the Repository is giving away The Ultimate Green Energy free on Kindle (29th & 30th May, 2014). Read the title story and three other short stories. Aimed at 10-15 year olds. Inspired by classic 2000AD.

Collision Course

When Alnial jumps out of his second-story bedroom window to join Zovonia and her friends for a night out, her heart skips a beat. Then he lands on his hoverboard and he’s goofing around, showing off in that way that’s so annoying, but kinda cute at the same time.

Before the night is out, teenage pranks and running curfew are things that Zovonia and Alnial must leave behind forever. When the new dawn breaks on their world, they must stick close together if they are to have any hope of surviving.

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What Just Happened?

The daughter of the poor toymaker used to dream when she was a little girl that one day she would marry a prince, and that she and her father would never go hungry again. Many little girls dream of something similar, but for the toymaker’s daughter that dream is about to come true. Today is her wedding day. The prince is there waiting for her at the aisle. The queen and members of the court are there too. Everything’s perfect… until the arrival of the slavering zombies, the ninja nuns and the lord of the dark dimension.

Today is her wedding day. Today the toymaker’s daughter must make a choice that will affect everyone.

For ever.

TalesFromTehRep6 _ as template flat7

The Cook, The Gardener, and the One-Day King

When his father dies unexpectedly, teenage Prince Idirian becomes King Idirian before he (or his mother) think he is ready. Ready or not, he has plans for the Kingdom of Ossiria. What he doesn’t reckon on is that Ossira has plans for him.

At his coronation feast, Idirian is soon in a fight for his life, and the future of his people. The situation looks hopeless. Will Idirian go down in history as the One-Day King?

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image © Gizele /

image © Gizele /

Wizards_Kingdom_800_150dpiWizards’ Kingdom: last day to download for free!

While you’re at it, join the many others downloading the first Wizards’ Kingdom book, also for free on Kindle. Today is the last day. Wizards’ Kingdom is a classic fantasy adventure for readers aged 8-80. If you enjoyed The Hobbit, and are missing Harry Potter, you will love Wizards’ Kingdom.

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