The Wizards’ Kingdom Trilogy


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Book1: Wizards’ Kingdom –

Book2: The Obeliskof Ashmar –

Book3: Jarrak’s Darkness –

“‘Wizards’ Kingdom’ is a story which begs to be read by the crackle and comfort of firelight. Fans of J RR Tolkien will feel instantly at home in rolling valleys, deep mines and amongst the legendary creatures. Colin R. Parsons invites young readers to begin a journey through his fantasy series with the relish of a skilful storyteller familiar with all things wonderfully Hobbiton.” — John Lloyd at Waterstones, Bath.

Lovers of The Hobbit and the Harry Potter books will delight in this trilogy of fantasy adventure books where our heroes must overcome dark sorcerers and monstrous creatures to free the Wizards’ Kingdom from the clutches of evil.

Inspired by the stories enjoyed by his own children, author Colin R. Parsons originally wrote the books for 8-12 year olds, but the praise from the many thousands of Wizards’ Kingdom readers make it plain that these books are loved by every age group.

The paperback edition, published by TallyBerry Publishing, has sold many thousands of copies, mainly through Colin’s workshops in schools throughout Wales and England. Now the Repository of Imagination has brought out a Kindle edition so these tales can be enjoyed by children — and others! — throughout the world.

The books in the trilogy can be read alone or as a series. All of them are illustrated throughout by artwork from Derek Jones. Here’s a selection:


Why not start now with the first Wizards’ Kingdom at a special introductory price?

Book1: Wizards’ Kingdom –



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