Tales from us

Tales for human readers flat

There are three ways to get stories from the Repository:


Earn stories from the Repository 01

Earn selected stories from the Repository by submitting your own story to be posted on the website (see here for more details on how to submit a story and here for the current list of stories you can earn).



Read stories from our website flat


Read Repository stories that we have posted for you to read on our website. You don’t need to earn them; you don’t need to pay any money; you just need to select what you want from this list.

The City of Khar

The Green Tailor of Mermos-37

The Wisewoman’s Child


Buy repository Books flat

Buy our expanding list of eBooks and paperbacks from human retailers, such as Amazon, Kobo and Barnes & Noble.

Titles currently available:

Alien Legends: A Selection from the Repository of Imagination

Crank Tech One: Destruction


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