Crustias_logo_128px_300dpi_leftDear human visitor,

My name is Crustias Scattermush, and it is my mission to thrill and inspire you through the wonder of stories from other worlds. After working for the Repository for many centuries, I am honored to be opening for business the Repository Branch on your world.

The Repository of Information is, a galaxy-wide organisation dedicated to preserving and telling fantastic stories of other worlds from far away in space and deep into the darkest depths of time — tales of what might have happened and what may yet come to be. Magic, dragons, aliens, exploding suns and tales of love and betrayal: we have them all.

As well as a showcase for Repository stories we have made available for your world, on this website, the Repository operates our ‘A Tale for A Tale’ program. Young writers can submit their stories, have them published on the Repository website, and receive a free story sphere as a reward.

The stories on this site are for children to safely immerse themselves in a sense of wonder. The best grown-ups will enjoy them too.

It is our intention to upgrade the communication technologies of your planet to help us fulfill our mission. Before we do that, you may contact me directly by these primitive communication channels:

Twitter:  @Crustias

Email:  Crustias@gmail.com


Crustias Scattermush — Senior Branch Repositarian

My card…

Twitter background Crustias04

A repository story sphere. Image (c) DragonFly22 – Shutterstock

The Earth branch of The Repository of Imagination is made possible by Greyhart Press

Portrait of Crustias copyright RATOCA – licensed from shutterstock.com

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