Describe your scariest school experience: and win this fabulous YA paranormal adventure

An ancient evil is surfacing. It’s in Jake’s school, in his house… and his blood!



If you didn’t know him well, you’d think Jake had it made. He’s the best player in the school soccer team, and a lot of the girls at school can’t help giving him admiring glances that even his green eyes and good looks can’t explain. All Jake wants, though, is to fit in and be a normal 17-year-old. But that’s not going to happen. For when the Therions come to collect their human harvest, the only people who could prevent them are Jake and Vicky Harris, a girl from his class who doesn’t even like him. One of the most compelling features of The Therions is that there are no safe places for Jake or Vicky to hide. School teachers, school friends: some are victims of the emerging evil, and some might be its perpetrators. As for Jake and his family… none of them are as innocent as he’d like to think. To celebrate the launch of ‘The Therions’, we’re giving away two copies of the book. All you need to do is share your scariest school or college experience in the comments for this post. Winner to be selected at random. Winners in US, UK, or Canada to receive paperback and eBook versions (Kindle or ePUB). Winners in other regions will win eBook edition only. Closing date midnight GMT-London on Friday 28th November. Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Describe your scariest school experience: and win this fabulous YA paranormal adventure

  1. Olaf

    My primary school had outside toilets which we had to use during playtimes. There was a hole in the corner of the toilet and no one would use it. Everyone said there was a ‘miss pankhurst’ who was living above the hole. We never used the toilet


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