Read our introductory story now…

City_of_Khar_cover 200Read our introductory tale to find out more about The Repository of Imagination. The storyteller questions his own mind by the end of this tale, which is called The City of Khar.. Follow this link to find out more…


7 thoughts on “Read our introductory story now…

      1. 53bryanm

        I can’t wait to read the new book “The City of Khar”…I really loved the first book for the RI, “Crank Tech One, Destruction” and everyone else will find it a great Sci Fi book like I did. I will wait for your email so I can read “The City of Khar”.

        Hope you and your family are doing great,


      2. timctaylor Post author

        Thanks Melissa, The City of Khar story is up to read on the Repository site ( here:

        We’re still playing around with the format of the website, so I’m bothered that this wasn’t clear. I’m going to take a guess here and suggest that you have subscribed to the Greyhart website so you get posts emailed to you. Have you done the same for the Repository website?

      3. 53bryanm

        Yes, I am signed up for both…I received the email and link that you just sent, but I didn’t think it was the whole story but just part of it. Is it the whole story and is it only going to be available on the website only or will there be an ebook release before it goes on sell? I think your email was very clear on that it was available and you had all the links to following…I just didn’t think it was the completed book yet.

        Thanks for your concern,


      4. timctaylor Post author

        Got it! Thanks for explaining. The book called Alien Legends (which is due out tomorrow, though has sneaked onto Amazon already) is a collection of stories and a few poems. City of Khar is one of those stories. So City of Khar is a complete self-contained story but part of a larger collection.Hope that makes sense.

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