Weird Legends, Submissions

The Weird Legends project has been cancelled after the sad loss of the editor, Gill Shutt. If you wanted to learn a little more about Gill, I have written a few words about her here β€” Tim C. Taylor, Repository publisher.


34 thoughts on “Weird Legends, Submissions

      1. lilapinord

        I have three short stories published in different anthologies, but with a small amount of adult material mixed in. I will try and write one for youth. This is what is needed, right? for your anthology?
        Lila L. Pinord

  1. Jim Sellers

    Gil, my short story “Marty Time Traveller” has been posted on my own site. I did not write it specifically for young adults but it has no adult content. i wonder if you would accept that for submission?

  2. fibrochimp Post author

    I would say anything speculative that could be considered a story telling a tale… if you see what I mean. Legends tend to be about most things but with a moralistic view or a ‘this is how it was’. ‘this is how this came about’ type story. So ‘How the world began’, ‘How socks were invented’, ‘How the Great Poobah got his wart’… that sort of thing or your interpretation thereof. I’ve called it ‘Weird Legends to give far more scope. I’ll take anything from anywhere, so rather than just alien stories like Alien Legends, I’m happy with Steampunk, Time Travel and all earth based stories as long as it’s not based on a real story.
    Jim, send it in and I’ll read it, i’m not bothered about it having been previously published, although it might be an idea to take it down for a while rather than leave it up there at the same time… but it’s up to you.
    I must add… No fan fiction, no Harry Potter or Stargate SG1 or any other book, TV or film worlds… neither we nor you have the rights to publish them.

  3. Diane Corriette

    Sounds like a great opportunity. Its a shame you don’t have the WordPress reblog button included in your share buttons otherwise I would have shared it on my blog. Its a new genre for me but I may just give it a go. I guess the only thing you can say is “no thank you” πŸ™‚

    1. fibrochimp Post author

      I’ve already accepted a poem from an author who’d never written poetry before so it could well be a book of firsts πŸ™‚ I’m happy to read anything sent in.

  4. fibrochimp Post author

    Just to let everyone know, I’m not doing too well health wise at the moment and our other editor is moving house soon so if you do submit and don’t hear for a while don’t panic, we will get to you as soon as possible.

    1. lilapinord

      I am sorry you are ill.
      Maybe in the future sometime you can answer my question about whether my story about Bigfoot fits in. It’s a very short story and ends with us finding out that they were here on earth eons before we were.

  5. Austin Alexis

    Does the writer have to be 11-15 years old? I have some poetry that might fit the anthology, but I don’t fall into that age group.

    1. fibrochimp Post author

      No, the writers of stories for this site have to be 11-15. For the book I want adults who write things suitable for young teens. Please do send in your poetry I’d love to take a look.

  6. Nickolaus Pacione

    Reblogged this on An Author's Blog and commented:
    I really thought about submitting for this but i don’t think I have anything toned down enough for it. Gruesome Cargo II is the most exreme horror story I wrote and it is one of my longer ones. I am thinking of places where to sell this one but seems like every market is closed.

    1. fibrochimp Post author

      I’m not sure your work is right for this book Nickolaus. Maybe if we do an adult version but I wouldn’t want my son reading extreme violence, the self cannibalism would upset him less but only in a humorous context I think. Sorry 😦

      1. Nickolaus A. Pacione

        I have something that might be too extreme too that’s a novella — picture 12-13 year olds saying really dark, cryptic stuff. This will traumatize some kids I will say that much — hardcore profanity in the vein of Stand By Me meets The Omen and The Butterfly Effect. An R-Rated Kids in a PG rated society. πŸ˜€ I am trying to curb my hardcore traits with this one but you have to realize I am known for being on The House of Pain — and written really hardcore subject matter. This novella is a hardcore horror story for teens.

  7. fibrochimp Post author

    I had to delete your last comment, Nickolaus. Please could everyone remember this site is for young people and moderate your language appropriately. TY

  8. Jane

    I am almost seventy, (is that too old?) but only started writing 15 years ago! I write mostly poetry, and will see what I have to send in. Never wrote anything sci-fi before.

  9. fibrochimp Post author

    You can never be too old. The book is for 11+ (probably it will end up being for 13+ considering some of the submissions) but the age of the writers is not a condition. Please feel free to send me anything you feel might fit the criteria. All submissions gratefully accepted, the more the merrier. πŸ™‚

    1. Jane

      I will look today to see what I already have that might fit. There is one very short story that is nicely creepy. There are a couple of poems in the same genre.
      Wish I had grandchildren! I have to borrow them from here and there, to try out some of my writing and see if they like it. I am grandma to my son’s cats; they come for a vacation when he is out of town!

  10. fibrochimp

    Sorry 😦 Due to the limitations of the editors (mainly me) and the fact that Greyhart is an English language publisher (so far: you never know what Tim has up his sleeve!) I can only accept stories in English.

  11. Alberto Quero

    Dear Gill
    I have just finished translating my poems from Spanish to English. But I am afraid I cannot find the adequate link to send them. I will appreciate further information.

    Truly yours,
    Alberto Quero


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