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Let robots rampage through your Kindle… for free!

Crank Tech One: DestructionWe have negotiated with the entity known on your world as ‘Amazon’ to bring you a fantastic special offer on our robot rampage story, Crank Tech One: Destruction by human author, Colin R. Parsons. The Kindle version will be available for free from Amazon Kindle Stores from March 12th through 14th. Will the robot Tim found abandoned lead to the destruction of the Welsh capital? Only one way to find out…

Follow this link for further details…

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Updates for Christmas 2012, including new releases

From all here at the Repository of Imagination, a hearty Merry Christmas to our human readers.

We are still hard at work preparing the Earth branch of our Repository to become fully functioning early in 2013. There are many millions of stories in our branches across the galaxy and in other realities where magic is real and household chores do themselves. Selecting the best of them and translating into human languages (we have selected English as our starting language) takes time but is time well spent.

Book Cover - Crank Tech One- Destruction 400px w 96dpiOur next release will be an international version of our robot-on-the-rampage story, Crank Tech One: Destruction, a story written by one of your very own, a human scribe from a country called Wales. His name is Colin R. Parsons. His tale is already available to the inhabitants of Wales, and some of the neighboring countries too. However, our attention has been drawn to the bizarre fact that your world can’t agree on a single version of any of your languages. Don’t worry, it will come in a few thousand years. Rather than wait until then, we have decided to release another version of Colin’s book, this one translated into another language, one called American. This will be available from December 19th, in time for your seasonal celebration known as Christmas, Xmas, or Father Christmas depending on local cultural reference.

We are still learning your customs, but we know that your Christmas is celebrated by tearing colored paper into strips, eating too many nuts, and watching a television program called the Doctor Who Christmas Special. This fits very nicely with Crank Tech One: Destruction, which is set in Cardiff, where Doctor Who is filmed. When the droid, Crank Tech One, runs amok through Cardiff city center, the watching crowd assume it is just another Doctor Who episode being screened. They soon learn their mistake!

Crank Tech One will be available worldwide in wood pulp and Kindle editions. Visit our ‘Tales from us’ page for more details. The book is already available in paperback and Kindle editions in Wales and the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, brave schoolchildren in Wales will soon be the first readers of our first collection of Repository tales from other worlds. The book will be called Alien Legends: A Selection from the Repository of Imagination, and it has been translated into human by another scribe from Wales; this one is named Gill Shutt. We have a picture of the cover of the wood-pulp edition for you here.

YA fantasy book

Click on the picture for a much larger version. Image (c) Dragonfly22

Until next year, it remains to say:

Santa image © AlienCat – Fotolia.com

Santa image © AlienCat – Fotolia.com

Best wishes,

Crustias Scattermush — Senior Branch Repositarian.

Our first book…

Our first book is the UK Kindle version of Crank Test One: Destruction by Colin R. Parsons. When a real robot thinks it is a part of science fiction author Tim’s novel, it goes on the rampage in Cardiff. No one believes Tim — everyone thinks it is an episode of Dr Who being filmed. Can Tim save the day?

The paperback version is distributed by Earth-based Tallyberry Publishing. If you happen to live near Cardiff, pop in to Waterstones Cardiff on Sat. Sept 22nd where Colin will be signing this new book. There will be a robot there in the store. Colin says it’s made of cardboard, but if it starts to move, we recommend you run away very quickly. See more on Colin’s website: http://www.colinrparsons.com/